Salesforce bulk API gem

Using the Salesforce bulk API for pushing many numbers of records in a single API call.

The official Heroku 'gem databasedotcom' which is used as an adapter to talk with the Salesforcedatabase doesn't support bulk API. I did a lot of research, but then I found that 'gem rforce' gem uses bulk API, but wasn't satisfying. So finally I decided to write a gem with help of existing resources where I can use ActiveRecord type methods to access the database along with Oauth2 protocol for authentication. The batch and the job governor limits are also taken care in this gem.

Using the gem is simple and straightforward.

gem install salesforce_bulk_api  

or add gem salesforce_bulk_api in your Gemfile.

You can use any method of authentication by using this gem

  • Username and password combination
  • OmniAuth
  • Oauth2

Please go through the entire documentation of databasedotcom for the various ways of authentication

require 'salesforce_bulk_api'

client ={ :client_id     => $SFDC_APP_CONFIG["client_id"],  
                                      :client_secret => $SFDC_APP_CONFIG["client_secret"]
client.authenticate({:token        => "my-oauth-token",  
                     :instance_url => "" })

salesforce =

Once salesforce object is authenticated, one can use it for various interactions with the salesforce database.

# Insert/Create
# Add as many fields per record as needed.
new_account = Hash["name" => "Test Account", "type" => "Other"]

records_to_insert =  
# You can add as many records as you want here, just
keep in mind that Salesforce has governor limits.  

result = salesforce.create("Account", records_to_insert)  
puts "result is: #{result.inspect}"

# Update
# Nearly identical to an insert, but we need to pass the salesforce id.
updated_account = Hash["name" => "Test Account -- Updated", id => "a00A0001009zA2m"] 

records_to_update =  

salesforce.update("Account", records_to_update)

# Upsert
# Fields to be updated. External field must be included
upserted_account = Hash["name" => "Test Account -- Upserted",  
"External_Field_Name" => "123456"]  
records_to_upsert =  
 # Note that upsert accepts an extra parameter for the external field name

salesforce.upsert("Account", records_to_upsert, "External_Field_Name")

# Delete

# We only specify the id of the records to delete
deleted_account = Hash["id" => "a00A0001009zA2m"] records_to_delete =  
salesforce.delete("Account", records_to_delete)

# Query
# We just need to pass the sobject name and the query string
res = salesforce.query("Account", "select id, name, createddate from Account limit 3")  

You can find the gem at github
You can use the databasedotcom gem for simple purpose ie single api calls.